Keratin Hair Smoothing Treatment for Shavano Park, TX

The look and feel of your hair can play a large role in your overall confidence. Whether you are looking to bring new life to your hair or repair damage that has been done in the past, Salon David is here to help with our skilled stylists and dedicated customer service. One way that you can give yourself a stunning new look is with a keratin hair smoothing service.

A keratin hair smoothing service — or a “Brazilian blowout” as it is sometimes called — can be a great way to smooth your hair and create a lasting shine. No matter your personal needs when it comes to styling your hair, the friendly staff at Salon David in Shavano Park, TX, will ensure your satisfaction and peace of mind. Our state-of-the-art salon is designed to give you a relaxing visit every time that you give us a visit.

Why Choose a Keratin Hair Smoothing Treatment?

When you decide to visit Salon David for a personalized keratin hair smoothing treatment in Shavano Park, TX, you can receive unique benefits that will make your hair care routine feel much simpler. Keratin hair smoothing treatments can be especially helpful if you have thick or frizzy hair that can be difficult to manage.

A keratin hair smoothing treatment entails a thorough hair wash before the treatment is applied and left for 30 minutes before the treatment is complete. After your hair treatment is done, we can walk you through the process of caring for your hair afterward so you can maintain a beautiful shine. A keratin hair smoothing treatment will naturally boost the shine and softness of your hair.

A keratin hair smoothing treatment can last up to six months when you apply the proper care. To learn more about our helpful services, visit our services page.